Activities & Events


Our mission to assist extends to our activity planning. Each month brings a new calendar filled with a variety of events, games and reasons to get together. This allows people time to plan their schedules accordingly and prepare for special get-togethers or outings. And, just to be sure no one is left out, we visit everyone shortly before each activity to invite them to participate.

In planning activities, our goal is to have something interesting for everyone during the month and to encourage them to continue learning and trying new things. Through our activities, we strive to maintain the independent and active lifestyle of those who reside at Grace Lodge by stimulating them cognitively, physically, socially and spiritually.

What Our Residents Are Saying

"With the calendar we’ve got time to prepare and there’s something to intrigue almost everyone!"


"I get to see a lot of places I wouldn’t if I lived on my own."


"There’s always something to do, if you want to, and you can always get help if you need it."



Weekly entertainment, monthly lunch or dinner outings - some just for the men, some just for the ladies. Discussion groups and time to share while baking, creating art, enjoying crafts or woodworking. Plus interaction with the larger community with shopping and volunteer opportunities.


Learning new things: creative writing groups, individual computer classes, group crossword puzzles, and new card and dice games introduced regularly.


Beginning each week with gentle exercise and walking outings.


Weekly Catholic Lay Person Communion; Bi-Weekly Non-Denominational Services.