About Us



The Grace Lodge story began in the early 1990’s when Petersen Health Care was looking at ways to provide a continuum of care to the elderly population of Oneida County. As services were being developed in the nursing facilities, it became apparent that at some point a level of housing and services would need to be offered to people who still have much of their independence, yet want and need the security of knowing that competent caregivers are nearby when they are needed. In 1995, feasibility studies were begun to determine the need for an assisted living facility in Rhinelander. The 1995 study showed that early in the 2000’s the timing would be appropriate for the establishment of such a facility. Construction of Grace Lodge began in August 2002, and the facility opened in June 2003.

Grace Lodge serves its tenants as needed by each individual’s plan of care through a combination of nursing, personal care and supportive services. Our programs are designed to maximize people’s choices, independence, privacy and quality of life.

However, Grace Lodge is not about a building with nice furnishings and a lovely setting along the Wisconsin River. Grace is about what’s in the heart. As the individuals who live at Grace Lodge come together as a community, our hope is that what is experienced in the facility reflects that God’s grace is available through the caring and compassionate staff of Grace Lodge for those who recognize that they cannot help themselves.

It is our belief that Grace Lodge is really God’s provision. Our mission is to serve in a manner that reflects the grace that God’s Son showed the apostles the night He washed their feet, as well as the grace displayed with His ultimate sacrifice.

Webster defines grace as “unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration…” Our desire for both the tenants and those serving is that this is what is experienced at Grace Lodge.